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We live in a culture that teaches us that we’re #Blessed when we’re living our best lives, looking perfect on social media, “getting after it” every day in the hustle, etc. There’s little room in our society for imperfection, limitation, or brokenness. Yet, this is exactly what Ash Wednesday is all about.

Ash Wednesday is the day that together we make a very small gesture. We receive ashes on our foreheads as a reminder of our frailty, our dependence on others, our limitations, and our brokenness. Ash Wednesday is more about our mortality than it is our sinfulness, though the two perhaps go hand in hand.

The good news is that Ash Wednesday and Lent invite us to depend on the God who made us out of dust. God makes beautiful things out of dust! 

It takes courage to admit our limits, our frailties, our insecurities, and most definitely our sins to God. It takes courage to also entrust them in each other. In Lent, we join as a community, a family of faith, in sharing those limits with each other. The beauty of Lent is that we are not in this alone, we are together.

God is making us new by the life of his resurrection. We will walk toward that dawn together this Lent, journeying the way of the cross. I hope to see you at the empty tomb in forty days.

Along the way we're going to be asking God to bless the Lent we actually have together. Visit our Lent page to learn more about this devotional, and join us on our Forum page as we discuss the season together.

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