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"When I joined IHS over ten years ago, what drew me to want to be the priest here, was that IHS is a church I wanted to join as a member. The multi-generational, child friendly environment was fun and energetic, and it still is today!"

Fr. Benjamin Gildas AF, Rector

Fr. Ben is our Rector, and joined IHS as pastor and priest in 2013. He's known for his warm, personable approach to ministry. He would love to hear from you. Text or call 484-841-9026 or email him

Fr. Ben is known around the Episcopal Church as host of the podcast Priest Pulse and writing on issues like social media engagement, podcasting, divorce, long-distance parenting, family ministry, faith-at-home, and more!

Sometimes Fr. Ben is known as ThatGamerPriest for his work in tabletop roleplaying games and board games. He's the designer of the game Broken: a Tragic Romance Game and has hosted numerous podcasts and streams around game design and culture.


Father Benjamin Gildas

Fr. Ben is a professed member of a religious order called the Anamchara Fellowship. The Anamchara Fellowship emphasizes a celtic spirit, and members wear a cream and green habit which you can see pictured here. Fr. Ben took the name "Gildas" after St. Gildas of Wales when he took profession vows. His legal last name is Wallis, so you may also see his name displayed as Ben Wallis.

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutierrez, Bishop of Pennsylvania

Bishop Gutierrez is the 16th bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Pennsylvania. He is a pastor to the clergy and shepherd of the people. Learn more about Bishop Gutierrez and his leadership now.

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