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The entire collection of Jazz Sanctuary videos are being presented to all who wish to view it, free of any charges.  I am reaching out with the hopes that  you will visit with us and view the video.  With that in mind I invite you to get a cup of coffee, have a snack close at hand settle in your favorite chair and experience The Jazz Sanctuary Live: the link:


The reasoning behind The Jazz Sanctuary – Live productions is presented below. 


If you wish to join our once a month email (I promise once a month) please sign up on our website (  ) or when joining the video link.


Please pass this message to your friends.  All are welcome to view and enjoy this wonderful bit of jazz.


Why we’re producing videos:


We wanted to present our music to you and your friends as a respite to staying at home and keeping safe. The Jazz Sanctuary realized that live streaming to Facebook without the musicians wearing masks or keeping socially distant sent the wrong signal to the public.  Since we could not perform in public as we usually did and we wanted to follow the rules of prevention a decision was made to make videos – The Jazz Sanctuary Live – and replicate as much as possible the live Jazz & Joe feeling.  And so we produced videos, 1:15 in length and did no post engineering.  As in a live presentation there are errors and glitches in the videos, they are not perfect, nor were they intended to be perfect.  The response has been wonderful with well over 450 “hits” for the first video.  .

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